A fresh and energetic take on honky tonk and traditional country music.

Katie and the Honky Tonks

Katie and the Honky Tonks, based in central Iowa, embody the classic spirit of honky tonk music. Fronted by Katie Sires, the band’s signature sound is characterized by her emotive vocals, delivering heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and honest, storytelling lyrics.

KTHT is anchored by Brian McCarty, whose bass provides a solid rhythmic backbone and he also adds depth with harmonies. Luke Sires, Katie’s husband, contributes with his energetic drumming and contagious energy. Bryan Hendrickson completes the Honky Tonk ensemble, wielding his highly modified telecaster and lap steel guitar to deliver the leads and solos that define the genre.

Listen to their new single, “Two Steppin In The Shower” on Soundcloud

Website: katieandthehonkytonks.net

Facebook: katieandthehonkytonks

Instagram: katieandthehonkytonks