Boogie Monster Funk came to life in Dubuque, Iowa. All members have years of experience as musicians which led to the inevitable drawing to each other, having played in a wide variety of bands from rock
& pop to ska, heavy metal to blues & jazz, reggae, salsa, cumbia and merengue.

The band consists of:

  • Lead Vocalist, “Lady Katie” who also plays alto sax & percussion
    (other band affiliations: OchoSol, LuchoRey y su Salsera, Soulsa, Ultimate Rock Hits – Dubuque Symphony Orchestra);
  • Bassist extraordinaire Jeff Weydert
    (other band affiliations: Titanium, Dirty Rice, The Obvious Regulars, Sungreen, The Brews Brothers, We’re Late and Smell Like Beer, Ultimate Rock Hits – Dubuque Symphony Orchestra and more)
  • Drummer/Guitarist Marlon McNatt
    (other band affiliations: Soulsa, The Nilbogs)
  • Guitarist & vocalist, Tony Brown
    (other band affiliations: Tete de Morte, Titanium, Ultimate Rock Hits – Dubuque Symphony Orchestra);
  • Tenor Sax player Nick Thompson
    (other band affiliations: The Brews Brothers).